The most amazing thing I’ve realized since I lost my job is that I feel like I have far less time now than I did when I had to work 40 hours a week. It’s a real conundrum that I’m just beginning to dissect.

Part of it is that I have so many things I want to do. Things I couldn’t have necessarily done with my job. It’s like, now that I have the time I set some really lofty goals. Maybe I am aiming too high. Maybe I’m trying to achieve too much in too little time and, as such, have set myself up for failure.

Part of it is that I am so easily distracted by my wife, kids, pets, or whatever. I am highly disciplined but I can’t say no to people. If my wife wants me to go with her to the store, I’ll go because it’s not like I am at work. So I lose some time there. But I prioritize my family and enjoy them so it’s a conundrum.

Part of it is that I used to have so much down time at work (like 95% of my time there) to the point where I NEEDED things to do. So I would meditate and get all my internet/computer activities completed quickly. Getting to work at 7 and having nothing to do, and few distractions, pretty much insured I would do the things I had planned for that day.

But it wasn’t like I had big plans at work. I spent most of my time twiddling my thumbs and thinking about how productive I’d be if I didn’t have to sit in an office all day. And now that I have that I am less productive?

I continue to exercise and I can’t even remember when I did that at work. I guess I came home for an hour every day during lunch and worked out. Well, four days a week. That habit has existed for a long time so it was easy to maintain through the transition. But the new habits are harder.

I have added: writing, blogging, meditating (which I did about the same when I was in an office), journaling, and playing mandolin. I did all of these things, except mandolinist, at work but felt guilty doing so. I would say that I write more, blog a lot more, journal more, and meditate about the same to a little more at home. So there are improvements. There are some activities I have added that require time. But getting them done is a daily struggle.

I have a general plan every day to EMJMBW but I rarely execute the schedule as planned. I wake up, have coffee, shower, and then go to my basement office. This series of events can be interrupted at any point by my wife, children, nanny, pets, or general household duties.

In the simplest sense, I used to have a good 35 hours out of the house and away from all of those distractions. I wasn’t very economical with that time and I didn’t get much done but I had uninterrupted time away. Somehow I suppose I still got all my family and household duties completed but I didn’t get the JMBW part done much. In short, when I had a job, I was much more bored but felt like I wasn’t getting anything done. Now that I don’t have a job, I’m not bored, but I don’t feel like I’m getting a lot more done.

Part of my struggle is because I have my kids only half the time and when I have them I want to spend as much time with them as possible. As such, I struggle more to get my stuff done when I have my kids except when they are at school or ballet. Of course, a big part is that I have trouble prioritizing myself AT ALL and going to the basement to blog seems like such an unimportant thing to be doing that it is easy for me to blow it off. That’s part of the reason I have done so many house projects lately, because those seem like they contribute to the homestead and not just to my self.

That’s another thing. In the almost two months since I’ve been at home I’ve painted seven rooms, prepared a fireplace for renovation, unpacked and moved into a new home, organized an entire house, continued to run a small business and look for a new job, and explored taking over our home finances. So it’s not like I haven’t added a bunch of other things to my plate. Maybe I just need some organization.

I am going to prepare an excel sheet so I can break down the hours in my day and see where I can add or subtract to be more efficient.

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